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Golden Kinnaree is a network of Thai massage parlors. Our intention is to offer quality services in relaxation and body care treatments, especially traditional Thai Dubai escort massage.

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Thai Dubai escorts in Emirates

We try to emphasize the quality of the girl massage in Dubai. We does not intend to provide big quantity of massages for a low prices. We want to be a salon for those who can appreciate hi quality escort massage. Our direct and live contact with Thailand allows us to choose the masseuse at qualitatively high level.

We guarantee that authentic and native Thai girls are performing escort massages in our salons. With a live contact with Thailand we do not need to replace them by massauses of other nationalities.

Thai Decor and imports of goods from Thai escorts

Our associate company Thai Decor is engaged in import and sale of original goods from Thailand. Most of imported goods are handmade right in our cooperative thai workshop. We sell retail and wholesale. We import e.g. wooden decorations, wooden furniture, gifts, carved images, incense sticks, massage oils, tyger balms, herbal pouches, etc. Contact us by email.

Thai escort massage Dubai

Dubai escort massage girl was had been wearing jeans in the night before and still had my sandals, but I ‘d none of my properties with no top on. Then I understood that I was in a cell with nearly a dozen locals and not just one one of my buddies was there. Fortunately, I was still somewhat drunk. Otherwise, a complete nervous breakdown may have ensued.

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Escort in Dubai from Thai girls penitentiary was everything you can imagine. Prisoners were climbing on the cell bars, shouting and even have drugs. It was an extremely encouraging surroundings for 2 young Dubai escorts who’d never had any more problem than the usual minor traffic infraction.

A local who talked English told me that usually the authorities hold everyone for 72 hours. Dubai massage girls actually began to panic afterward because our flight out was in significantly less than two days. I sat on a seat in the cell and tried to recap the nighttime.

With no cabs around, we wind up being forced to cover a police officer to come back us to our resort (where we desperately needed to shower and allow the healing process start). To our surprise, nevertheless, we were met in the resort entry by the supervisor. Dubai escort massage told us that we could not stay in the resort because of our behaviour. (We were quite perplexed by this because we’d just tried to defuse matters.)

Afterwards, after checking into our new resort, we looked at our online banking statement to better recap the evening. Looking at what we’d spent, we understood that you dont simply find yourself in a VIP section free of charge.