VIP Membership


Our program for companies includes a several possibilities:

  •  gift vouchers for company employees within the frame of employee benefits (with quantity discounts, 5pcs – 10%, 10pcs – 20%, 20pcs – 30%)
  • offer of favorable prices for company employees (you offer it to your employees, your employees will receive competitive rates from us, approximately -30%)
  •  presentation of 10min neck massages on the chair in your company (two thai girls will perform about 2 hours of short 10 min neck massages on the massage chair for your employees, right at your company or corporate event. You do not pay anything, only, in return, ensure the location of our company offer to your notice board or intranet.

VIP membership

You can receive our VIP member card, with basic 20% discount, after the third massage. The VIP members using our services often and longer time, they can receive even better prices.
The VIP member card is transferable. It means your family or colleagues can also use your VIP card. Also you can invite your partner or colleague and use your VIP card for you and for one person as your guest.