Giftvouchers Thai Massage Dubai

We use two types of gift vouchers:

Gift voucher for a thai massage of your choice

In this case you buy a gift voucher for 30, 60, 90 or 120 minute massage and pay only the price of gift voucher. The type of massage is chosen by donee without any additional payments for more expensive massages.


Giftvouchers Time[min] Price[AED]
30 550
60 990
90 1390
120 1650


Gift vouchers to the value

There are only two nominal values of gift vouchers: 500 AED and 1000 AED. They can be summed up, to the price of masasage or combined with the cash payment. If you want to, for some reason, sum up the vouchers higher then the price of massage is, please note that overpayment will not be returned.

Giftvouchers Dubai

Validity of all the types of gift vouchers is limited to about 6 months. After the expiration date you can use an expired gift voucher as a 50% discount.