Health Indications of Thai massage Dubai

Thai massage is considered a method of healing, in Thailand it is even used in hospitals. Here we offer a list of some most common indications of Thai Dubai massage.

Muscle problems, stiff and constricted muscles

It is typical indication of thai massage. Muscle relaxation and stretching are essential features of Thai massage.

Muscle pain

Pain is caused, from the eastern point of view, by energy blocation, which inhibits the free flow of energy and thus leads to its congestion. Thai massage, thanks to the work with energy lines, can fairly handle the pain this causes.

Blocked neck

The first Thai massage can significantly reduce pain. To correct the problem should be approximately three Thai massage treatments at intervals of 2-3 days.


Headaches may be caused by several different causes. Some of them need a stronger massage, while others need a calm and gentle relaxation. We recommend to start with a stronger back and neck massages and continue by softer and gentle aroma oil massage or anti-stress massage of head.

Stress and overworking

Thai Dubai massage can wash away stress as the tide washes the shores of the Sea. If you feel tense, try a traditional Thai massage, if you are rather exhausted, treat yourself to a long version of the aroma oil Thai massage.

Problems with sleep

Are caused by similar factors such as a headache, so recommendations are similar to. Just to solve this problem the longer serie of thai massage treatments is necessary.

Fatigue and exhaustion

Exhaustion comes as a result of long-term overloading and is a common disease of our civilization. Every day we have a limited amount of energy that our body can produce, but we do not respect it and demand more work then what we have energy for. Start by following the instructions in „stress and overworking“. Then continue with regular massages of your own wishes, because what you need the most is to find a regular time to relax.

Health indications and massage

Restoring the flow of energy

Energy flows in our body and is responsible for everything we do and how we feel. Thai massage works with the 10 most important energy lines and restores the energy flow in them. The practical importance of this means that Thai massage promotes vitality and restores blocked life force.

Health Indications of Thai massage Dubai